On Compassion Fatigue

I believe I have developed a non-physical muscle that allows me to put a certain degree of desensitivity (apparently not a real word) between subject I’m studying and me. This muscle hasn’t always been as strong as it is today, but after exercising it consistently for years, it had no choice but to develop and strengthen. When you lift weights, you inflict tiny tears into your muscles that, when healed, are replaced by stronger, bulkier fibers that prepare you to lift more the next time (that was the most unscientific, amateur way of explaining that process, but you get the point). 

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Animal Abusers have a New Ally

Elaborated Humane Society Legislative Fund president Mike Markarian, “Lucas is perhaps the biggest pro-animal abuse money man in America.  With his personal net worth of $300 million and his company’s annual revenue of $150 million, Lucas in 2010 spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bankroll the opposition to Proposition B in Missouri, which voters approved to set standards for the care of dogs in puppy mills. Lucas then supported an effort in the Missouri legislature to weaken and repeal parts of the voter-approved measure, before it even had a chance to take effect. In 2012,  Lucas and Protect The Harvest spent more than a quarter million dollars opposing Measure 5 in North Dakota, which sought to establish felony-level penalties for malicious cruelty to dogs, cats, and horses. In 2013, Protect The Harvest lobbied against a local ordinance in Crawford County, Indiana to require proper shelter for dogs and cats, and another proposal in Harrison County to promote spaying and neutering pets.”

Full story: http://www.animals24-7.org/2014/06/03/bull-riding-sponsor-forrest-lucas-forms-anti-animal-advocacy-super-pac/

Protesting SeaWorld: Nothing New

Since the release of the documentary “Blackfish” last summer, SeaWorld and other marine parks have been on the defensive, facing mounting calls to end captivity for killer whales and other intelligent animals kept for entertainment purposes. Park operators have responded by labeling the most outspoken critics as “radical activists”, suggesting that their supporters are merely caught up in the latest wave of animal-rights extremism.

But the truth is that people have been against capturing orcas and holding them captive since the very beginning. Only now, after 50 years of protests and demonstrations, their calls for compassion are just too loud to ignore.

Full story: https://www.thedodo.com/photos-dont-lie-seaworld-has-b-577136542.html?xrs=MARevealed_googleplus

World of Misinformation

Last week, SeaWorld released a document titled “69 Reasons You Shouldn’t Believe ‘Blackfish’.” In response, “Blackfish” director Gabriela Cowperthwaite and team offered a comprehensive list of refutations, highlighting where SeaWorld got it wrong. Here are 6 of the most dubious claims made by SeaWorld, along with what “Blackfish” had to say in reply: 


Childish Pursuits

But I don’t hate children.

I hate the culture of children.

I hate the misogyny that surrounds pregnancy.

Most of all, I hate the people who perpetuate this culture, who deny someone else the right to say they don’t want to be part of it, who threaten to make them part of it.

But, you know, it’s so much easier to just say I hate children.

Full story: http://thecurmudgeonnextdoor.tumblr.com/post/77784677400/i-hate-children

Noah’s Surprisingly Strong Message

As a work of art, it probably misses being a “great” movie, saddled as it is with “big-budget Hollywood spectacle” tropes. It is, however, definitely a milestone in blockbuster veganism, in mainstreaming the vegan idea, weaving it through related issues – justice, faith, sacrifice, masculinism, militarism, climate change, violence, nonviolence and storytelling – that make for a moving and thought-provoking experience for anyone who’s paying attention.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/v-for-vegan/Yes-Noah-is-totally-vegan-propaganda.html#rxJKseh2RcM4B172.99

Why My Cat is Sad

One of the best (and saddest) cat blogs out there.


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