Undercover in Wolf Mordor

Her brother, who is 31 and studying to be a lawyer in Boise, Idaho, had warned me about the risks of going undercover when I broached the idea over the phone. As a representative for the nonprofit Western Watersheds Project, which has lobbied for wolf protections, he’d attended numerous public meetings about “wolf management” in communities like Salmon. “Salmon is the belly of the beast,” he told me. “There is not a more hostile place. It’s Mordor.”

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Swan Song for Impartial Reporting

Good news first: the media is covering animals to a greater extent than ever before. A fortuitous convergence of responsible advocacy, advanced science (animal ethology), and consumer demand for animal-related content has fostered a more sustained emphasis on a wider range of animal issues. The bad news, of course, is that most of it stinks. I mean, to high heaven.

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Not-So-Brave Hunter

 The photo, which she posted on Facebook, features Bachman next to a lion corpse, in which she describes the great time she had stalking and killing the beast.  Now, this awesome guy has fired back, and shows us how easy it is to get close to a wild lion.  Perhaps the best burn is a well thought out and intelligently written burn. 

See more at: http://sharepowered.com/nature/melissa-bachman-hunting-pic-backlash-is-awesome/#sthash.MgQWcqvn.dpuf

A Best Friend Lost

…in the name of “sport.”

It wasn’t hard to see this tragedy coming. Really, it was just a matter of time–not if it would happen, but when.

A Missoula, Montana man went skiing on Sunday, Nov. 17th with his three canine companions– malamutes all–and returned home with only two living dogs. The third, a 2-year-old named Little Dave, was shot multiple times by a camo-clad hunter who thought he was killing a wolf.

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Hunting vs. Homework

You have to wonder about Realtree’s motive. Are they gunning for a legion of uneducated hunters loyal to the brand? Pandering to boys (and their money) who want to get their braggadocio on by dissing education and the sissies who prefer cracking books to killing? What responsible adult condones that alarming message–especially during these divisive times when a virulent strain of anti-intellectualism shot through with animosity is gripping our country? 

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NBC’s Elephantine Cruelty

Above is a highlight reel from this week’s episode of Under Wild Skies. In it, Makris is led into the Botswana wilderness by a hunting guide. They hide behind a bush, about 20 feet away from an unsuspecting elephant. Makris shoots at the elephant twice, but does not kill it. The elephant, terrified, runs away. Makris catches up to the elephant and shoots it again, killing it. Everyone goes home to drink champagne.

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Killing for Charity?

Can the act of killing an animal in Africa help addicted, teen mothers in Montana? Sadly, yes. That’s just the crazy, speciesist world we live in–the one created by us, for us.

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