Advertising for Animals

33 Powerful Animal Ad Campaigns That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth


Balloons Blow

Currently, seven states and a handful of cities have passed legislation regulating balloon releases, and legislation is pending in several others, though these attempts to clean up the environment are vigorously opposed by the balloon industry lobby. Industry assertions that fallen balloons take no longer than oak leaves to biodegrade miss the point: oak leaves that fall to the ground aren’t litter and harm no one. In Britain, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has advised schools to refrain from balloon releases out of concern for wildlife, other animals (including farmed animals), and the environment.

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Horning In

Rhinoceros populations from Asia through Africa are plummeting in the face of burgeoning illicit trade in their horns, much of it driven by myths promoted by criminal smuggling syndicates and targeting the new wealthy in China and Vietnam.

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New Film Takes on Poachers

Hardy came up with the idea, inspired by friends who are former Special Forces operatives and went on to become anti-poaching fighters in South Africa and other nations. The goal, say sources, is to make a movie in the vein of Traffic, Steven Soderbergh’s multistory take on the various impacts of the war on drugs. In this case, the story would look at everything from the ground war on poachers in the African savanna to how animal material ends up in the fashion houses of Paris.

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Shooting Kindly

But we were particularly intrigued to see Chris’s advice to others on how to take these photographs so that they truly are a glimpse into the life of these animals, and not in any way contrived or, worst of all, exploitative. Her advice on what she calls “vegan nature photography” should be shared with anyone who is in the habit of photographing animals in the wild. It outlines all the considerations that should be taken into account to make sure that your photographs are recording, not detracting from, the animals’ own experience.

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Does Gum Harm Birds?

A sticky situation discussed on Snopes.

Gorillas on Film

The rarest gorilla on Earth, the elusive Cross River gorilla, has been caught on film by a hidden camera trap for the first time ever.

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