Rugrats Infest Library

I like watching the moms with their horrible children on Monday nights, when we have evening Story Time. I guess it’s a form of schadenfreude, because the kids are always cranky and horrid, but funny if you don’t have to deal with it.

One woman had a toddler girl who tripped, fell on the floor and started wailing. A slightly older boy saw this and imitated the girl–prat-falling on the floor and screaming. An older brother who was probably around 6 years old did the same thing, and then jumped up and started singing “MY COUNTRY ‘TIS OF THEE” at the top of his lungs. The moms tried to pick up the toddlers on the floor but they were doing the whole passive –resistance thing and going totally limp like dead bodies, and they had to drag them by their arms like cops dragging protesters. It was so damn funny.


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