We Can’t Walk Away from Horse Abuse

Spin the story, divert attention, deny access–this is exactly what we expect from those who profit from exploitive industries where animals are merely means to ends–their lives and their pain inconvenient detractors from the bottom line–when taken into account at all. The cynicism will crush you if you let it; that’s why it’s nice to end somewhere else…with Jenny, a walking horse trainer of almost 40 years who defected from the dark side and is now trying to “clean up the mess” she was part of (she’s interviewed in the “Nightline Investigates” video). She speaks about having pursued the Big Lick with a whatever-it-takes fervor. “I couldn’t believe how vicious I had become, the cruelty, the monster I turned into to make those horses do that thing. And it just rips my heart apart because I know what those horses are going through. For what? For a blue ribbon that cost a dollar ninety-five?”

Full story


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