Callousness 101

This same video also attempted to disprove that factory farms have a negative impact on the environment. Instead of facts, the documentary employed good old Southern charm. A lanky man in a flannel shirt and a cowboy hat looked out over his fields and drawled that most people don’t buy into the idea of global warming, and that “if it does exist” it’s not caused by factory farming. 

This was not the only video we were shown, but each was produced by either an agricultural association or a factory farming company – ­essentially, someone looking to sell a product. I was subjected to footage of chickens being debeaked, cows being dehorned, and piglets being castrated while farmers assured me that these practices were “for the animals’ own good.” One video went so far as to compare castration of a piglet to the vaccination of a child and rolled from a shot of a small, thrashing pig being held by its hind legs to a clip of a young boy crying in a doctor’s office. 

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