In-n-Out of Hot Water

In-n-Out Burger is the latest chain with mud on its face, after undercover workers from Compassion Over Killing videotaped Guantánamo Bay-style torture used against the cows slaughtered for its burgers.

It’s happened again: what I clearly see as cruelty to cows caught on tape. This time at a supplier to fast food giant In-N-Out Burger, which immediately cut ties to the slaughterhouse.

It’s just the latest investigation into America’s meat industry to uncover horrific cruelty inflicted upon helpless farm animals. After getting a job at the slaughterhouse, an undercover investigator from the animal welfare group Compassion Over Killing spent two weeks using a hidden camera to document how workers treated the cows there.

Full story

This story not only made me glad I don’t eat burgers, but also happy I’ve stopped buying cream cheese at home and now purchase Tofutti’s Better Than Cream Cheese. I like it just as much, and it’s vegan. Why not take a step and replace a meat or dairy product in your diet with a kinder alternative?


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