Columnist: Dog Situation is the Pits

Take note of what this fellow is saying the next time a pit bull advocate/breeding apologist holds up Calgary as some sort of dog Mecca we should all emulate.  

Defenders of the breed will use the tired argument that shepherd and toy breeds bite more, but again, pitbulls don’t just bite — they attack, and they keep on attacking.

Are they all time bombs, waiting to explode in teeth and fury? Of course not. But they are capable of such, and all it takes is a poor owner to light the fuse.

And that is the question pitbull aficionados fail to ask, when they’re slamming critics who want their sweet, gentle dogs banned.

Find a macho moron with a wife-beater and a leash, and there’s a good chance he’s got a pitbull to accentuate his tough-guy image, not a golden retriever.

Find a dodgy basement breeding operation, and there’s a good chance pitbull puppies are being whelped downstairs, for sale to anyone with the cash.

Instead of demanding higher standards within their own community, and seeking to improve the breed’s reputation by putting pressure on their own, they lash out at anyone who dares to criticize.

It’s bad owners who are behind the vast majority of dog attacks, yet pitbull defenders never seem to ask why so many of their chosen breed end up with people who couldn’t properly raise a goldfish.

If they want to snarl, maybe those who love pitbulls should snarl at the people ruining the breed.

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