Animals: Help Many or Help One?

A thought provoking post from a new blog on the activism scene…

You find a US charity that rescues homeless dogs. It’s a commendably austere charity; over 99% of its received donations go directly to its goal: rescuing and finding homes for the dogs. So you make your donation of US$1,000 and are confident your money will be used well. Months later you receive a photo of the dog with its new family and you feel great, knowing you have helped provide a dog with a family. No one will say you’ve done a bad thing, and you haven’t. But you could have done something better. You probably would have liked to help several animals as much as you’ve helped the lucky dog you’ve rescued – you just didn’t have much money to give. It turns out, you could have done far better; you could have prevented hundreds of years of suffering instead! Let’s see how.

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