Showing their Spots

Recently, a friend told me about an interesting discussion that occurred on one of those morning talk shows that I normally avoid like the plague. A viral video that was shot during a father/son day at the zoo was shown and discussed. In the video, a squirrel makes the monumentally bad decision to enter the snow leopard exhibit just as one of the big felines is padding by. What happens next is what normally happens in interactions between cats and rodents. The dad, who is shooting the video, begins audibly weeping at the scene while his young son giggles.

Despite the fact that the video is not graphic, its showing apparently set off a firestorm of angry comments. How dare they show something as hideous as a cell phone video of a snow leopard catching a squirrel?! And on TV, of all places?! Have they no SHAME? After the commercial break, the resident pescetarian on staff (she calls herself a “vegetarian,” yet eats fish) pointed out the hypocrisy of the outraged viewers. How many of them we sitting over breakfasts of bacon or sausage while they raged about the injustice of a leopard eating his prey? Another thought–did Dad take his kid to McDonald’s after filming the scene that had him so heartbroken?


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