Tale of a Slow-Kill Hoarder

Nevertheless, rescuing dog-aggressive dogs is Purcell’s specialty. In fact, Purcell can be said to have lain the groundwork for adopting fight bust dogs into child and pet filled homes and communities all over the country. She garnered a good deal of attention when she adopted a fight bust dog named Big Boy that had just killed a puppy when the police burst in. Back in 1999 animal controls and shelters all felt that it was safer for the community to put down pit bulls in general and fight bust dogs in particular. Thanks to pioneers like Purcell, the Pittsburgh assistant “doggy DA” Deb Jugan, who hoped to prove fighting dogs can be rehabilitated, and reporter Linda Wilson Fuoco, who kept giving Purcell publicity and plugs, adopting out a dog that wanted to kill other dogs began to seem normal. By the time Michael Vick was busted for dogfighting in 2007, rescuers were primed to convince the public that fight bust dogs could make dandy pets. And today, because of Purcell and friends’ efforts, we and our pets all stand a much better chance of having a fighting dog move in next door to us.

To put all this time and money spent on unadoptable pit bulls in perspective, think about the accepted estimate of one million pit bulls killed each year. That’s 2,739 pit bulls killed every day. 114 killed every hour. Two pit bull are killed every single minute of every single day in the US. And many of those dogs are healthy and not known to be aggressive. From the first time Justice was rescued in March 2010 until the time that he was re-re-re-rescued in July 2012, about 2,246,575 pit bulls had been euthanized. The rescue angel has vowed to build cage for him, so that she can keep him herself.

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