King of Cruelty

The only thing is, he doesn’t. Rep. King’s latest reply is even more incoherent and strange than the original YouTube comment. He stresses that he values human life more than animal life. Okay, that’s fine. But because you value human life more than animal life, does that mean you should have no regard for animals and that there should be no legal standards in place to protect them? We can place a special value on humans but still believe that animal cruelty is wrong. Most people would do anything in the world for a family member, and there’s no one they value more than their parents or siblings or kids. But that doesn’t mean that a person would tolerate an atrocity toward a stranger. 

I’ve hit the topic of the congressman’s statements again partly because Steve King keeps mentioning me in his YouTube videos. I seem to be in his head. The fact is, Rep. King stands alone among federally elected officials in his extremist views about animal welfare. Every other member of Iowa’s Congressional delegation supports the measure to crack down on animal fighting, including Republicans Chuck Grassley and Tom Latham. During his tenure as a lawmaker, King has opposed just about all proposals to establish protections for animals―including a landmark agreement between United Egg Producers and The HSUS for the welfare of laying hens.

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