Shelter Stories

When I graduated from college, I took a job at an open-admission shelter. Open-admission shelters take in all animals. Because there are more animals than people to adopt them, open-admission shelters must euthanize in order to make room for incoming ones. It’s simple math. If you pick which animals to open your door to, you can relax and declare yourself “no-kill.” But, if you take everyone in – the sick, the injured, the aged, the unsocialized – cages fill up, and hard decisions must be made. At first, too clueless to appreciate how heartbreaking those decisions were, I condemned the shelter’s euthanasia technicians, who were young women like me. I judged them. I thought, “How can they sleep at night?”

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  1. anna3101
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 11:23:52

    I can see the point of euthanizing when there is no other way. But killing healthy cats and dogs when there are rescue groups who are willing to take care of them? No-kill does not mean hoarding. And I think it’s a movement that deserves appreciation – I wish we had the same here in Poland.
    The article on Peta vs no-kill ( was just one of the many that show the sad truth – Peta is not willing to save animals, they are just after revenues. I stopped trusting them long ago. Also, the statements and interviews by Newkirk and Winograd show exactly what those people after. One is just a show-off with a clear inclination for killing and another one cares deeply about animals and remains non-agressive despite being attacked by Peta all the time.
    One more article about the appalling truth behind Peta’s scenes:


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