Homeless? Here, a Puppy Will Help

Reports imply that the animals that would be given to panhandlers under the WOOF program would be from the approximately 15 percent deemed not adoptable “because they’re not socialized and are rowdy, hyper or too shy to interact with humans”—in other words these dogs are unsafe around people.

It may seem like a silly question, but why would problematic animal be given to homeless people, many of whom may have criminal records, are possibly mentally ill or addicted, and living in close proximity in public housing?

Unless the underlying issues of spaying and neutering, curtailing breeding, and strict enforcement of owner-responsibility laws are addressed, is it really a positive solution to place already challenged dogs in unstable, temporary situations with unpredictable people who spend most of their time in the streets? Also, do we really believe getting a puppy will cure panhandling?


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