Kindness Counts – Throughout History

I must admit that I find it irksome (and I must also admit that is an understatement) when people say that “I won’t get it” because I don’t have kids. This over-generalization runs the gamut from whether I might empathize with kids who scrape their knee, to whether I am capable of caring about the state of public schools in the area. Last I checked, I was, I like to think, an empathic, concerned person (an activist, in fact — the kind you want on your side when it comes to issues of equality). So, in short, yes, I do care about your kids — even though I don’t have any myself (the canine variety notwithstanding).

One topic affecting youth that particularly gets me going is that of humane education. I’m not going out on any kind of limb when I say that the continued upsurge of humane education programs will be key to fostering compassionate children, paving the way for a fiercely determined and deeply caring next generation — the kind that I want running things when I’m old and grey (well, okay, I’m already steadfastly working on the greying).

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Despite what the animal use industry tells you, advocacy for animals is nothing new.



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