Not So Precious

A troubling post about dog attacks and the true colors of some of the rising stars of the “No Kill” movement.

MARK BUEHRLE is, of course, a major league pitcher until recently pitching for the White Sox.  He’s quite a pitcher, too.  In April 2007, he pitched a no hitter and in July 2009, he pitched the 18th perfect game in baseball history which explains the $58 million four year contract he signed with the Marlins in December 2011.

And in this same short time span, BUEHRLE goes from making the news for his hunting exploits, including bowhunting a baited black bear and gushing about it like a 12 year old back in 2007, to publicly wishing injuries on MICHAEL VICK because VICK killed animals for enjoyment, and most recently becoming a celebrity spokesperson for the NO KILL Best Friends Animal Society. That’s quite a drastic turnaround.

No Kill?  More like MO’ KILL

 Just weeks after signing a contract with Miami and 9 months after adopting his first pit bull from Hope Rescues, he publicly endorsed BFAS’s proposed legislation to end a 23 year old Miami-Dade county pit bull ban.  Mark and Jaime, 9 months after becoming pit bull owners themselves, felt qualified to use their celebrity status to tell Miami what’s good for them as spokespeople for BFAS.  Jaime Buehrle said, “When my husband, Mark, became the new pitcher for the Miami Marlins, we were excited to move our family down to Florida and join our team’s community.  But then we found out our family wasn’t welcome in Miami-Dade County, because one of our rescued dogs, Slater, is a pit bull.”

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