The Names Behind the News

While animal advocates have done some outstanding work uncovering animal cruelty at factory farms and lobbying for legislative reform, are they really who the meat industry should fear? After all, the U.S. still eats the second highestamount of meat per person in the whole world and you can’t spend fifteen minutes watching TV without being bombarded by food advertising for meat-based products.

Perhaps the real problem is the meat industry has very little faith in the quality of their products and production methods? Even assuming that were the case, it’s pretty evident that if this comes down to a propaganda war for the hearts, minds and taste buds of the American public, the meat industry has the big guns (i.e. more cash). Thanks to the blog, we now have hard data to back this claim. They painstakingly analyzed annual SEC and Form 990 filings to assess how much the meat industry spends in advertising when compared with the expenses of animal organizations promoting a plant-based diet or animal welfare reforms.

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