Pitiful Party

Honestly, omnis, do you still wanna support these guys? Imagine celebrating the continuation of animal cruelty.

After first denying connection to the factory farm, Tyson Foods severed its relationship with Wyoming Premium Farms after an HSUS investigation documented appalling cruelty to pigs. A spokesman for the world’s second-largest meat producer publicly declared that the treatment of the animals was “deplorable.” Good for Tyson Foods.

But a somewhat less public announcement provides perhaps a more telling insight into the company’s actual thoughts about animal welfare. We got a look at a memo this week from Tyson executives encouraging its employees to join a pizza party—an idea cooked up by other leaders in the pork industry—to celebrate the decision by Domino’s pizza to reject a shareholder proposal to urge the company to stop buying pork from farms that confine sows in gestation crates.

With McDonald’sBurger KingWendy’sSafewayDenny’s, and others having made pledges to cleanse their supply chain of pork from operations relying on gestationcrates, it didn’t seem like an outlandish ask.  But Domino’s didn’t go for it and chose to continue to support gestation crates

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