Reblogged: ‘Youth Can’t Handle the Truth?’

First let’s consider whether the “fear” argument has merit. Ms. Roth defends her work, stating “if it’s too scary to talk about, the reality of where those pieces of meat come from, then it’s certainly too scary to eat.” Children are impressionable, and can be frightened. They are also incredibly perceptive, and often have an uncanny sense when something is wrong. Perhaps there is a reason why children find this upsetting. This isn’t some invented horror show to terrify kids; this is our food system. This is happening. Is there merit in hiding the cruelties of the world until they become habit and society enforces the concept of meat as the center of every meal ? As for traumatizing kids, I don’t see how we can do much worse than Grimm fairy tales, or Disney animated movies (is there even one Disney heroine with both parents alive?).

Next let’s consider diet. If we scare kids into realizing the truth about animal consumption, there is a risk they won’t eat animal products. Such a shift could apparently cause health risks in our nation’s youth. No, much better to make sure they keep eating mass-produced meat, eggs, and cheese, keep calm and carry on. That is unless the current American diet is cause for concern, but if that were the case, certainly there would be some kind of study showing an increase in child obesity linked to over-consumption of meaty fast food. Oh. So perhaps the key is making sure meals are nutritious and proportional in general, and not whether there is enough animal protein. Or maybe we could all just eat more broccoli.

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