An Undercover Investigator Speaks

The strength of our work is based in the fact that we move about these facilities silently, without alteration, and allow unadulterated behavior to occur around us that we then bring to the public so that they may judge it for themselves. It’s not in anyone’s best interest for us to manipulate our footage. It doesn’t benefit the animals and it doesn’t benefit our credibility, which is of vital importance in this field. It is in the interest of that credibility that we go to such great lengths to conduct our work in accordance with absolutely every state and federal law, and are painstaking in our quest to portray actual conditions as they exist and nothing more. I have sat in on editing sessions where we have determined that certain footage, although truthful and accurate, may appear misleading to the public or require heavy contextualization, so we have refused to use it, despite how “shocking” or “salacious” it may be.

More candidly, it’s not like any of us is getting rich off of this work. In fact, more and more, we are becoming the target of deeply troubling government repression which threatens to put all of us in jail for simply exposing the truth as it occurs in our nation’s farms and slaughterhouses. The people whose motives we should be suspicious of are those who do stand to directly profit off of the abuse of animals, which are these industry leaders who would rather allow abuse and neglect to run rampant on their farms than risk a
few pennies on each purchase to provide a higher level of care for the animals and humans that they are responsible for.

If anyone is still doubtful, I would be happy to sit down with them and watch every single minute of unedited footage I have ever shot so that they can see how false this accusation is. Unlike these factory farms, I have nothing to hide.

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