Tale of an Undercover Investigator

As an animal lover, it’s just so difficult to witness such unspeakable cruelty day in, day out. Every day, I watched countless animals get abusively handled, maimed, and neglected, and there was very little I could do to help without blowing my cover.

Still, I tried to do whatever I could. In my role as a new and perhaps naive employee, I’d report abusive workers and animals in need of veterinary care to management, but they always told me they were aware of the issue and it was just part of the business. One manager even went so far as to forbid me from freeing egg-laying hens that had become trapped in their cages, saying it was a distraction from my duties. The amount of suffering going on in these places is so extreme and so senseless, it boggles the mind.

Full story

One of these guys has to write a book — it would be incredible.


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