Two Reviews: NeuroSonic and NeuroBliss

VALUE TIME readers may remember my previous review of the “enhanced” beverage NeuroSleep . Well, in the interests of science and my penchant for experimenting upon myself, I present two more reviews from the Neuro family!









Although it’s promoted as a high-octane energy drink, I wasn’t terribly blown away by NeuroSonic. Although it offers a greater energy rush than say, a can of Pepsi, I’ve found I get more hepped up on traditional energy drinks, such as Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy shots, and strongly brewed coffee. I will say that tastewise, NS is quite pleasing, and I’d much rather sip it than either 5 Hour Energy or strong coffee. However, when one considers this is an overpriced boutique beverage that is still relatively hard to find, I wouldn’t go to all of this trouble for a bit of extra energy.

Rating: Meh.










NeuroBliss the beverage tastes kinda strange and looks vaguely obscene. But it also delivers its promise, meaning that I felt as weird and ‘altered’ as possible with  a legal, nonalcoholic beverage. Its mixture of herbs and whatever collided with the 20 mg of SSRI rattling around in my brain, and I became utterly giddy. I began laughing and making faces at my husband…

Him: You better cut that out, or I’m calling your parents.


Him: If you don’t stop that stuff, I’m taking you to the emergency room.


Him: It’s a good thing I’m home tonight, otherwise you’d probably go upstairs and shoot yourself.

Me: *tears of laughter streaming down face* HAHAHAHAHHAHA!

Rating: Awesome. Although, honestly, I doubt my husband will allow me to consume this stuff again.



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