West Virginia: More Deer, Fewer Cats & Dogs

My state recently demonstrated its paradoxical attitudes toward animal overpopulation when it passed two bills recently. Over the objections of what I’m assuming a fair-chase hunters who dislike the commercialization of wildlife, my state is making it easier for deer farms to set up business in the state, all the while telling the non-hunting public that dammit, we just have soooo many deer in WV….so let’s farm some more!!

There were 8 no votes on a proposed new law to permit deer farming in West Virginia similar to surrounding states. Some hunters are fighting the bill, but the sponsor, Greenbrier County Sen. Ron Miller, says it has a good chance of becoming law.

 “This is a good start. We have to go through the House now. The votes are there. But I’m not sure where it will end up in the House. It depends on what committee it goes to. It depends on who gets behind it there. Is there significant opposition and who is it? I’m not sure it’s significant numbers. I think there are some folks who are still fighting it who are powerful enough to maybe control that. 

 “Our attorney is still willing to work with the House attorney to try and even improve it further. I will say the DNR and the Department of Agriculture are still talking. They told me yesterday they met over the weekend and talked on the issue, which is very important,” Miller concluded.

In other news, West Virginia is taking a step forward to help remedy our atrocious pet overpopulation problem.

 Also passed was a bill creating a statewide spay-neuter fund to help low income people pay for a spay or neuter to reduce animal overpopulation.  22 of the 30 measures approved today passed unanimously.





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