Trophy Hunting Trumps Compassion

HSUS president Wayne Pacelle on the spate of rich brats killing exotic animals:

It got me to thinking that there are people, including Donald Trump’s two sons who were in the news yesterday, who are ready to travel to all ends of the earth to seek out opportunities to shoot and kill remarkable animals, like lions and bears, not for necessity or public safety, but for kicks and trophies. Newsday reported yesterday that Donald Trump, Jr. and his brother Eric went to Zimbabwe last year and shot elephants, crocodiles, Cape buffalo, and all manner of other animals in a killing spree.

What possesses these sons of privilege, who have the means to give to charity or do good works in the world, to destroy life for the thrill of the kill, for trophies, and for bragging rights? It’s one thing, it seems, to hunt for food and utilize the carcass, and it’s another to kill animals in a head-hunting exercise, especially if you are part of “the one percent.” Actually, it’s pretty much only folks in the one percent who can afford to travel to remote parts of the world shooting up rare species in the animal kingdom, all the while doing their damndest to attach some social benefit to the killing.

Last year, GoDaddy’s then CEO, Richard Parsons, posted a video of his own animal massacre in Zimbabwe, and apparently did so with pride, before the public latched on to his gambit and let him know how appalling it was. 

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