Chicken vs. Ego

Whenever a big step is made in developing vegan meat substitutes, you’ll always find someone on a vegan message board pop up with a despair-inducing post saying something like, “Meat is disgusting, so why would I want to eat fake meat?”

These people are insufferable because they’re so ego-driven that they’ve lost sight of the fact that there’s currently, oh, at least a few billion people who love meat and have no intention of giving it up. If you’ve truly transcended any desire for the flavors and textures of meat, then that’s fine and dandy. But realize that we’re not going to see the entire world gladly switch from beef and chicken to falafel and tofu overnight. If we want to inspire a large and rapid migration away from animal products, we’ve got to give people the textures and flavors they’re familiar with. So if you’re vegan, the fact that a thoroughly convincing vegan chicken substitute has at long last been developed should have you standing and cheering—regardless of whether you ever intend to eat the stuff.

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