Comics for a Cause

Animal rights graphic novels didn’t begin with the incredible We3. Writes Jasmin Singer of the website Our Hen House…

Though, like many of you, I read Peter Singer‘s game-changing book, Animal Liberation, early on in my animal activism, for some reason, it was only recently that Animal Liberation: A Graphic Guide (published in 1987 by Camden Press) came across my radar. Co-authored by the brilliant philosopher Lori Gruen, A Graphic Guide details not only “What we do to animals” (Chapter 3) — including issues such as experimentation, exploitation of wildlife, and factory farms — but it also guides us through “What we are going to do about it” (Chapter 4) — which is my favorite part of my new (old) 159-page inspiration. The Guide will also give you a thorough glimpse into the history of the animal liberation movement, and the very roots of the idea.

But beyond containing page after page of insightful and accessible commentary, A Graphic Guide is unique in that, well, it’s graphic. Illustrated by British comic artist,David Hine, the serious subject-matter is laced with page after page of cutting-edge, thought-provoking, sometimes emotional, and always informative (not to mention tattoo-inspiring) illustrations. According to the website Conflict Gypsy — which offers an e-version of Animal Liberation: A Graphic Guide, for free – following his work on this book, Hine’s career went on to include drawing or contributing to comic series including Transformers, X-Men, Spiderman, and Batman and Robin. 



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