Big Pig Story Makes News Everywhere

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It’s going to take a while before many animal advocates appreciate the massive significance of yesterday’s announcement. Some great major media reactions collected by Paul Shapiro:

  • CNN Money: “McDonald’s said it will get its pork suppliers to phase out the use of immobilizing cages for pregnant pigs, a move that was applauded by the Humane Society of the United States, but not the pork industry.”
  • MSNBC: “Earthquake in the pig business: McDonald’s to end use of restraining crates”
  • Reuters: “McDonald’s Corp said on Monday it will work with its U.S. pork suppliers to phase out the use of gestation crates, the cramped stalls that millions of mother sows are confined to while they raise piglets.”
  • NY Times: “The buying power of McDonald’s adds a significant new dimension to the war on the practice.”
  • Chicago Tribune: “By setting the process in motion, McDonald’s could be providing the tipping point to change in the $97 billion pork industry.”
  • Wall Street Journal: “Gestation stalls confine adult female hogs whose offspring are raised and slaughtered for bacon and sausage. The pens are typically about two feet wide, preventing sows from turning around, leaving only enough room to stand up and sit down.”
  • NY Times blog: “In the world of big-time meat supply, there are two kinds of producers: those who sell to McDonald’s and those wish they could.”
  • Lincoln Journal Star: “In calling for phasing out gestation crates for pregnant hogs, the world’s largest restaurant chain will put much more pressure on pork producers than any state ever could.”

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