Yale Alumni Magazine Interviews Wayne Pacelle

Here’s a must-read interview with some wonderful quotes about the HSUS and animal welfare.

Historically, the animal welfare movement has been organized mainly to conduct animal rescue and sheltering. That diffuse model has been useful in helping to spare millions of animals a year from homelessness and other forms of suffering. But in addition to doing that work, we’re now trying to reform institutionalized cruelty conducted by some of the biggest corporations in America. You can’t have a scattered, diffuse movement if you’re gonna take on multibillion-dollar industries and try to drive reform. It requires a level of organization and strength in order to showcase a competing vision for society. That’s what I’ve tried to create at HSUS. We don’t just rescue animals—even though that’s vitally important. We tackle factory farming and wildlife management and animal testing and puppy mills and marine mammal slaughter.

Full story


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