This Bud’s for Rescue Dogs

While animal advocates were busy criticizing Sketchers for their Super Bowl commercial featuring greyhound racing and CareerBuilder for its spot using performing chimpanzees, an unexpectedly animal-friendly ad came out of left field.

“Weego” the rescue dog made his debut in a Bud Light commercials, fetching Bud Light for backyard partiers and just generally becoming the life of the party. At the beginning of the ad, Weego is identified as a rescue dog and at the end, a dog rescue website URL is prominately displayed.

Weego is an actual rescue dog. Once homeless and waiting for someone to fall in love with him, Weego finally caught the eye of his new guardian who was also a dog trainer. Because of his natural ability to be easily trained, Weego went from homeless to famous by landing a gig in Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial.

Bud Light has decided that in honor of Weego, and his past as a shelter dog, they will make a donation to help other animals in need. They will donate $1 to Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundations, ARF, (up to $250,000) for every “like” to their Facebook page. Please like the Bud Light page to help this rescue reach that goal.

Thank you to Bud Light for featuring a rescue dog in your commercial and for showing all the viewers that there is nothing wrong with shelter dogs, except for the fact that they are homeless. Their only fault, really.

Full story

Rescue dog Weego in this very entertaining Bud Light commercial.


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