No Need to Lie: Disguised Dogs, Exhibit #7

I’ve recently become aware of how many shelters label pit bulls and their close mixes as some other breed (most typically “boxer mix”), presumably in order to heighten the animal’s chances of adoption. In reality, this lying helps no one, especially not the dog.
Occasionally I scan my local shelters’ adoptable pet listings to find evidence of this ill-advised policy.
“Boxer mix”
Sophie: Boxer, Dog; Moundsville, WV
This is a boxer:
This is a pit bull terrier:
Sophie: Boxer, Dog; Moundsville, WV
Pit Bull Terrier

Here’s what Pit Bull Rescue Central has to say about this:

When placing a pit bull up for adoption, rescues and shelters should label them accurately, i.e., if it is felt that the dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier, it should be noted as such on the adoption card or web page. If the dog appears to be a mix, it should be labeled as a pit mix, and if it is known what it is mixed with, that too should be listed. Avoid calling a pit bull something other than what it is (for example, Boxer mix) in an effort to increase adoptions. Doing so is deceiving to adopters, and may be the reason for an adoption return in the future when the adopter is suddenly made aware by his or her veterinarian, local Animal Control, insurance carrier, or landlord that the dog is a pit bull.
(The purpose of this post is not to criticize the animal shelters offering these dogs up for adoption, but rather to encourage them to follow the ethical standards recommended by their own supporters.)

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