Did Somebody Say Deception?

Chances are, you have seen the new McDonald’s commercials which depict homey scenes of a ridin’, ropin’ cowboy who supposedly raises beef cattle for McDonald’s restaurants.  Consider it the evil empire’s version of locavorism and all those other trendy foodie buzzwords.

Vegan.com’s Erik Marcus debunks these ads in this priceless blog entry. (Be sure to check out the link on what this “little ranch” REALLY looks like. I suppose they must have let out a couple dozen cattle from their cramped concrete feedlot to gallop photogenically across the range.)

Yesterday, I blogged about a McDonald’s propaganda video featuring Steve Fogelsong. Turns out the guy is president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. And here are some images of his gigantic “barn”—confining 4500 cattle. For some reason, McDonald’s chose not to feature this facility in its video. Imagine that. (Thanks, Karma.)

Original story


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