Agribusiness Ruse Isn’t Fooling this Shelter

More shelters are coming out against the Center for Consumer Freedom’s cynical attack on the Humane Society of the US.

So, CCF has recently created a new entity. It is called Humane Society for Shelter Pets. It took out huge full page ads in major newspapers like the New York Times last week – ads that cost about $100,000 each – claiming to be deeply concerned about shelter pets. It has about as much interest in the well being of shelter pets as dog fighters and puppy millers do.

This is one more sham entity created to attack the HSUS. This one claims that the public mistakenly believes that local humane organizations, like us, are part of some national umbrella organization and that, therefore, the HSUS should be giving local humane organizations more money for sheltering. This is nothing but the attempt of charlatans to hijack the animal welfare field for their personal benefit. If they really cared about animal sheltering so much, why did they not give all the money that they spent on those huge and expensive ads to shelters? I am guessing it is because what they really want is not to benefit shelters but to wage a public relations assault on the HSUS.

I resent the implication in all of this that people like me who have devoted our lives to protecting and caring for animals and advocating for their best interests need CCF and all of its related entities to look out for us. We are the field of animal welfare and I, for one, do not need or want a bunch of self-serving cynics who have made enormous wealth off of factory farming manipulating the public under the pretense of defending us. The public can and should hear from the real people who actually do the hard, frustrating and multi-faceted work of protecting animals.

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ETA: BellaDog magazine has also sniffed out Berman’s phony charity scam. Their site warns:

But there are also groups, especially on the Internet, who don’t do any hands-on work for animals at all. For example, notorious Washington, D.C., lobbyist Richard Berman has announced that he’s fabricating from whole cloth a “new” humane group called “Humane Society for Shelter Pets.” The group lists no street address, is not registered with the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, GuideStar, or any other charity watchdog, and has more than a dozen complaints against it pending before the Federal Trade Commission.

This con man, Richard Berman, is straight from the school that tells us smoking tobacco is fine, that pregnant women need not worry about mercury in seafood, that drunken driving is overrated as a social problem, and that the obesity epidemic is not a public health issue. But now, apparently, pocketing millions of dollars to promote those dubious causes is not enough–-and he has decided to appropriate the honorable name of “Humane Society,” which has been used for legitimate means for decades by The Humane Society of the United States and hundreds of independent local humane societies.

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