Pointless Petitions, Exhibit #3: Snopes Tackles the Parrot Story

Recently, Snopes.com addressed the story of Parrot the dog, who, according to countless petitions and email forwards, was pointlessly killed by a police officer at a street festival. The motivation for the police officer’s behavior is often only murkily addressed, but it often has something to do with Parrot’s resemblance to a pit bull.

However, as Snopes reminds readers, there is more to this story. The incident began when Parrot attacked a poodle. In trying to separate the dogs, Parrot’s owner was apparently also bitten by his dog. Parrot also reportedly bit a police officer who intervened in the fracas.

Snopes.com refers to Parrot as a “Shar-Pei mix with a remarkable resemblance to a pit bull.” However, Parrot looks far more pit bull terrier than Shar Pei, and his Petfinder profile identified him as a pit mix. But, let’s say Parrot was a Shar Pei. Like the pit bull, the Shar Pei is a breed originally developed to fight for the entertainment of its owners. (All of those wrinkles provided a “handle” for the other dog to grab on to, with less likelihood of hitting vital organs.) Shar Pei can also become aggressively territorial if improperly socialized.

Lost in this scuffle is the dog whom Parrot attacked, who has as much right to live free from harm and suffering as Parrot did. A pit bull (or for that matter, a Shar Pei) is fully capable of seriously hurting a poodle, or even killing him. Humans created these breeds for the purpose of attacking and maiming other dogs for their own amusement. The fighting breed just does what’s in his genes, and everyone, including the dog, loses.

While an incredible amount of time and energy are spent on avenging Parrot’s death, nearly one million pit bulls are being euthanized every year for lack of homes. Yet, many of the same people railing against Parrot’s execution are also rabidly opposed to spay/neuter legislation for America’s most abused dog breed.


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  8. Kandi
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 06:04:44

    in response to what you said. there is always more to a story. how can we know *since you are not part of a credible news crew or station* that this information is correct? and that your not just someone that thinks that all dogs that are “bred only to fight for their master’s amusement” should be executed because they go off at a festival. there could have been a million of things that happened. but for an officer to do something to that extreme to take down a PERSON’S pet. that’s ridiculous. again there are a million “what if’s” and “what really happened” that the only way to find out was to have been there to see it or the owner of the pet to actually go and put it out online about what happened.


    • 19peace80
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 16:58:24

      1 – Nope, I’m not a news organization nor do I claim to be. I’m just a blogger, like millions of others. However, the bulk of this story is from Snopes.com, which is generally considered a legit information site.


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