Talking Peace in the Vivisection Debate

An Animal People editorial from clear back in 1996 holds wisdom true for animal rights campaigners today.

One of our cover stories this month deals with the ongoing process of strategic disengagement, on both sides, from the 200-year-old battle over animal use in laboratory research ­­not as a matter of either side abandoning goals, but as a matter of recognizing that common goals may be achieved more readily if the conflict is less intense.

ANIMAL PEOPLE over the past year has advanced 10 suggestions for strategic disengagement in a manner which would simultaneously meet the major practical demands of the animal rights community and the major needs of biomedical research. They are based largely on inclinations already evident among both activists and researchers.

ANIMAL PEOPLE does not pretend that these suggestions can resolve the inescapable conflict over the rightness or wrongness of animal use per se. But they might form a mutually acceptable protocol for progress.

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