We Can’t Adopt our Way Out of a Crisis

A dog who was impounded or surrendered to a shelter 25 years ago had just a 10% chance of being rehomed. Dogs in shelters today have about a 60% chance of being rehomed–unless they happen to be pit bull terriers or close mixes of pit bull, whose sterilization rate is still barely 25%.

Raising the pit bull sterilization rate to 70% would keep the annual shelter killing toll of pit bulls close to 900,000 per year. Reducing the pit bull population to the numbers kept safely in stable homes would require sterilizing 90%. A 90% sterilization rate has been achieved, so far, only among indoor pet cats in the more affluent parts of the northeast and west coast. Realistically, a 90% pit bull sterilization rate would be elusive, even if the entire U.S. adopted a pit bull sterilization requirement similar to the 2005 San Francisco ordinance.

ANIMAL PEOPLE has warned, many times, that the trustworthiness of the humane community itself is at risk when animal advocates deny the realities of the pit bull crisis.

As usual, Animal People’s Merritt Clifton has produced another challenging piece of essential reading.

Full story.


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  1. Matthew C. Kriner
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 06:17:32

    no wonder the world is like this


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