Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

If you follow–and you should–you’ll know that Martosko was either fired or quit from the deceptively named Center for Consumer Freedom, likely due to his penchant for drinking and driving. ( is opposed to and keeps tabs on the CCF’s I didn’t post anything about Martosko’s departure because, other than, I didn’t have any proof that he actually left. But now I do.

As for who has taken Martosko’s place at the CCF? says it’s Will Coggin, arguably even more vile than Martosko.

In 2006, as editor of the libertarian student publication “The Remnant,” Coggin printed the name of a rape victim and called her a “wannabe victim” and “con artist.”

Public-relations guru Rick Berman, who created the CCF, was probably drooling as he read Coggin’s resume.

I’ll miss Martosko, but I’m sure we’ll meet again online. As for Coggin, you have small shoes to fill.

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