Fishing FAIL


Eric Marcus of had this to say:

A superb infographic by the Pew Charitable Trust. As I’ve blogged before, much of the fish oil sold as Omega 3 supplements in the USA comes from this dwindling supply of menhaden. Pew’s infographic ought to say as much, and direct supplement-takers toward algae-based alternatives.

It is then perhaps no better time for the makers of vegan Omega-3 supplements to step into the 21st century and redesign their packaging and advertising. Take a look at this:

“CON-ZEN-TRATION, inner peace and tranquility”? Oh, for Pete’s sake. So instead of a supplement important for our own and the ocean’s health, mainstream consumers see vegan Omega-3s as some kind of New Age hippie snake oil. For the sake of our oceans, please redesign your packaging so someone will actually buy it!


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