Ms. Unfair?

Some challenging reading about omnivorous feminists who hate PETA.

Animal rights fell off the feminist agenda years ago and is seen as ‘old-school’. A well-known feminist magazine’s response to a suggestion to cover the topic was ‘It’s been done already’. Well, so has all the body image/raunch culture stuff that fills the pages each issue, but obviously this is more ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’ than anything that requires women to actually make a huge change in their consumption habits by rejecting food, clothing, cosmetics and so on that have been made off the oppression of non-humans.

There needs to be change on all sides. Yes, PETA needs to come up with ways of getting the animal rights message across without relying on sexualised images of women. But in addition, otherwise progressive people have to get over their blind spot when it comes to non-humans. Non-vegan feminists need to come to the table too and put their money where their mouths are and be prepared to make big lifestyle changes.


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