BOOK REVIEW: Invincible Summer

Invincible Summer

I paged through this book with some trepidation, thinking I may not like it. Invincible Summer is a biographical graphic novel done in the hipster DIY style, complete with typo-ridden text and intentionally half-finished illustrations. I’m not a hipster, I don’t care for coffee, I don’t crash on strangers’ couches and I don’t live anywhere trendy. And I used to care about all of those indie bands that the artist name-drops with alarming frequency, but I outgrew them. (It’ll happen to you too—just wait—someday you’ll wake up and have absolutely no idea when you last bought or downloaded a CD.)

Something told me I wasn’t really the intended audience for this book.

However, I will say that Invincible Summer grew on me as I read, primarily because the artist is a vegan who interns at Farm Sanctuary and isn’t afraid to share her views about the industry that put most of those animals in such dire straits. This comic is certainly a vast improvement over another twentysomething-girl biographical comic, French Milk, in which the author practically climaxed over her appetite for the cruel delicacy foie gras.

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