Refutes Another Anti-Veggie

Essential reading from Erik Marcus of, especially if you’ve ever been hit with the common argument that “veg*ns are responsible for the deaths of more animals than omnivores…”

Nor does Clark consider—let’s assume here that vegans are one percent of the population—that in a hypothetical rice harvest that kills a million frogs, 99 percent of that rice will be eaten by omnivores. So to the extent that this is a moral issue, it’s one whose responsibility falls equally onto the shoulders of vegans and omnivores alike.


 For instance, he doesn’t even bother to address the vertebrate deaths involved in growing the mountains of corn and soy fed to farmed animals. That’s something anyone interested in seriously engaging this issue would be obliged to do. But it’s irrelevant to someone whose only intention is to write the vegan bashing article of the month. 





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  1. Vergie Hatman
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 07:35:03

    This will reveal me to be an absolute newbie to the blog world but it’s better to ask thank miss out on future posts: How do I subscribe to this blog?


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