BOOK REVIEW: Strolling with Our Kin: Speaking for and Respecting Voiceless Animals

Strolling with Our Kin: Speaking for and Respecting Voiceless Animals

This book is essentially a condensed, YA version of the author’s other works on the subject of animal intelligence and emotions. It is likely to appeal to teenagers who are learning about humane issues, as well as those researching material for a school report.

As with other books of this nature, newcomers to animal protection may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information squeezed into this small volume—from differing philosophical outlooks on the status of animals, to animal sentience and intelligence, to myriad cruelty issues.

I do think the author spent an inordinate time talking about the debate surrounding zoos; page space that could have been better utilized to discuss factory farming. Animals raised for food on corporate farms suffer profound and senseless abuse that does not even compare with the atmosphere of an AZA-accredited zoo. (I am of the opinion that the humane movement’s priority should be the farmed animals who represent the greatest amount of suffering experienced by the greatest number of animals.)

All in all, this is a decent primer on humane issues that will appeal to intelligent and patient YA readers. I purchased this title for my library.


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    Oct 30, 2011 @ 16:26:10

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