BOOK REVIEW: Into the Wild (Warriors #1)

Into the Wild (Warriors, #1)

I wanted to give the Warriors books the old college try, seeing as I love both cats and animal stories. I had seen how wildly popular they are among the YA readers in my library, and I do enjoy well-written YA novels. But this one turned out to be more of a furball than a saucer of milk.

Perhaps if I were fifteen years younger, I’d be devouring the Warriors books. But by now, the story contained in Into the Wild seemed trite and contrived; a watered-down version of a hundred other animal adventure tales. (The cats’ increasingly ridiculous “wild” names are enough reason to throw in the towel.) Perhaps it’s a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth: “Erin Hunter” is not an author, but rather a pseudonym for the multiple authors who churn out the series—which is more prolific than an unfixed colony of feral cats.

Which brings me to another concern. Although the books are (obviously) fantasy, I was a bit concerned about the glamorization of the lives of unaltered, roaming cats. Neutering is depicted as a plague upon catdom and sterilized felines are shown as lazy, uninteresting, and stupid. When one considers the dismal chances of cats in animal shelters (and for ferals, the euthanasia rate is nearly 100%), it’s not unwise to consider the reflection of attitudes about cats in popular culture.

This one’s as stale as last week’s catnip.

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