BOOK REVIEW: Cows Are Vegetarians: A Book for Vegetarian Kids

Cows Are Vegetarians: A Book for Vegetarian Kids

I’ve seen this book promoted for years in vegetarian magazines and resource guides. Readers tend to be rather divisive in their assessments: one frequent complaint on book review websites is the “boring” artwork.

Cows are Vegetarians is rather wordy for a children’s book, and the illustrations are in black & white. The artwork isn’t poorly done as in Victor, the Vegetarian–but it’s also not going to hold the attention of the intended audience. Also, there is oddly little discussion of the main reason children become vegetarians—to spare animals’ lives. Cows focuses almost exclusively on the environmental arguments for a plant-based diet. A more modern book, such as That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, may be a good additional resource to help fill in some of the blanks.

Like the aforementioned titles, Cows is directed toward youngsters who are already vegetarians, and likely being raised in a vegetarian household. The book gives some advice on dealing with the outside world which isn’t always so sympathetic to the vegetarian lifestyle. The book hits its strong point when it advises children that they can’t force others to care about animals or the environment. Leading by example is the best way to go.

Published nearly two decades ago, Cows is a rather dated entry on the vegetarian bookshelf. Thankfully, more vibrant and attractively-presented books are being produced for today’s veg*n youngsters.



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