BOOK REVIEW: Victor’s Picnic with the Vegetarian Animals

Victor's Picnic: With the Vegetarian Animals

Victor is back in this sequel to Victor, the Vegetarian, the picture book written for vegan children. I found the original book to be rather poorly presented. In this go-around, the storyline is better, but the illustrations are worse, if that’s possible.

One only needs to glance at the cover to get an idea of the amateurish drawings that await inside. The deer dwarfs the gorilla, the giraffe and the elephant are approximately the same height, and the child’s hands (attached to mismatched arms) appear to be drawn on backwards. The Victor series’ flat sketches look like something that belongs on the wall of a 7th grade classroom, not a published book vying for widespread attention. (At least Victor’s family got some furniture in their house.)

The Victor books are peaceful little stories designed to teach vegetarian children about their family’s ethical values, as well as good nutrition and self-esteem. That’s an admirable message, but it could have been presented much better.

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