BOOK REVIEW: The American Hunting Myth

The American Hunting Myth

The American Hunting Myth excels as a contribution to the debate over recreational hunting. The author maintains a level-headed and rational tone as he refutes the arguments advanced by sport hunters and their lobbying groups. (Although this book was published in 1985, most of the hunters’ arguments remain the same.) I was also very pleased to see that the author supports vegetarianism and encourages his readers to cut meat from their diets. (Addressing one of the few hunters’ arguments I actually agree with: A person who eats factory-farmed meat has no standing in criticizing a hunter for being cruel.)

However, the book’s aforementioned copyright means that all of its examples and statistics are 25 years or more out of date. This may be interesting from a historical perspective, but it won’t help much with the modern discussion of hunting beyond the general arguments. A more modern book could have addressed crucial modern developments such as the growth of the canned hunting industry and the increasing popularity of bowhunting.

Perhaps more than anything, The American Hunting Myth confirmed to me the need for a more up-to-date book exposing the sport hunting industry.

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