Looking at the Hunting Industry, Exhibit #1

The manner in which the hunting industry speaks to the non-hunting public and the manner in which it speaks to its own members can be very different. It is surprising how many urban and suburban members of the animal rights and welfare community even subscribe to this glossed-over version of sport and recreational hunting. The goal of the Looking at the Hunting Industry series is to present various aspects of this multibillion-dollar business with minimal commentary, with the intent of allowing readers to make up their own minds.

Flyer from the popular “Sportsman’s Guide” catalog. SG is a catalog mainly focused on hunting and fishing gear, but they do also sell clothing and household items, often with a hunting, military, or outdoor theme. This flyer offers 14 hunting videos produced by Primos, a manufacturer of animal calls primarily used for hunting. The DVD cases and disc art feature hunters posing with their trophy kills. Selections from the text:

Real hunting, really REAL. … Primos (R) takes you into the thick of it and doesn’t gloss over the gritty honesty. You’ll see the hits and misses, the triumphs and the tragedies. … This ain’t HollywoodOver 36 hours of raw, real, in-your-face footage … 300 hunts covered in every detail.

[Emphasis in original]

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