BOOK REVIEW: Duncan the Wonder Dog

Few graphic novels are as theoretical, wieldy, and avant-garde as Duncan the Wonder Dog. Expect to be amazed, but also expect to be challenged and sometimes frustrated.

This graphic novel has been assembled in that hipster- collage style so often seen on Etsy. Sometimes the text is minute, other times it fills the page. Images are torn, glued-on, watermarked, traced, burned—who knows. The sketch-like illustrations are a joy, but at times they are so dark that one has to strain to see them, like a bad Xerox copy.

My favorite by far was this one:


Monkey brandishing assault rifle? Awesome! More please!

Ok, and now on to the message behind the book—the reason I purchased it in the first place. Duncan imagines a world in which animals and humans can talk to each other, but the animals still remain objects of exploitation. I was intrigued by the animal rights implication of this, but in all honesty the message remains muddled. Expect a lot—a lot—of theoretical discussion. And expect passages that seem to hold great meaning but don’t actually go anywhere. And if you’re like me, expect to dearly wish that your cats could speak with you.

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  1. Katelynn Gackle
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 16:42:38

    This actually answered my problem, thank you!


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