Pointless Petitions, Exhibit #1

  • Target: SeaWorld CEO
  • Sponsored by: Care2

End Killer Whale Exhibits at SeaWorld

It would be inhumane to continue with killer-whale shows at SeaWorld and a complete disrespect to those that have already lost their lives.

Please reconsider your fight against the OSHA and no matter the verdict, these animals and their shows must come to a close at SeaWorld. We, the public, will no longer stand by and watch these torturous performances.

Ok, let’s ask the CEO of an enormous and enormously lucrative entertainment complex to give up his star attraction. He certainly will listen. And when shareholders demand to know what was going through his head when he made this deadly business decision, he’ll reply, “Oh, y’know, Internet petition…”

Asking Sea World to toss Shamu is like asking Disney to retire Mickey Mouse.

If you oppose the use of orcas in entertainment, here are some useful steps you can take instead of bothering with pointless petitions:

– Donate to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. seashepherd.org

-Donate to Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project. dolphinproject.org

-Organize a community showing of “The Cove” or “Fall from Freedom” movies

-Purchase the above films for your local library

The purpose of this post isn’t to put down the good intentions of those who create or sign online petitions. Rather, it is to encourage animal advocates to consider putting their energy into activities that really make a difference.

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