Childish Pursuits

But I don’t hate children.

I hate the culture of children.

I hate the misogyny that surrounds pregnancy.

Most of all, I hate the people who perpetuate this culture, who deny someone else the right to say they don’t want to be part of it, who threaten to make them part of it.

But, you know, it’s so much easier to just say I hate children.

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Noah’s Surprisingly Strong Message

As a work of art, it probably misses being a “great” movie, saddled as it is with “big-budget Hollywood spectacle” tropes. It is, however, definitely a milestone in blockbuster veganism, in mainstreaming the vegan idea, weaving it through related issues – justice, faith, sacrifice, masculinism, militarism, climate change, violence, nonviolence and storytelling – that make for a moving and thought-provoking experience for anyone who’s paying attention.


Why My Cat is Sad

One of the best (and saddest) cat blogs out there.

The Copenhagen Human Zoo

Well, I can promise that all prisoners who are euthanized at my human zoo to make room for newly arriving inmates (and they’ll all be euthanized sooner or later) will not only be butchered in front of an audience, they’ll be carved up by zoo visitors.

I’m fairly certain that such executions and dissections will take place on a daily basis. The facility I’ve got my eyes on is a rather small one that can only house a modest number of inmates, so I’ll have to rotate them in and out (and by out I mean off the face of this godforsaken planet) on a regular basis in order to exhibit all the monsters who deserve that treatment. And, naturally, I want to display the prisoners properly.

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SeaWorld: The Ugly Truth

This kind of stuff is the reason SeaWorld locks its employees’ social lives. No pictures can ever be taken at work without express permission of management, and you’re never allowed to discuss what you do at work with other people — even family and co-workers. Our social media lives were monitored closely. Even if this article were totally positive, writing it would probably get me blacklisted if I still worked there.

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Taking Stock of the Stockyard

Were these people all that different from the kind-hearted folks like my uncle, who I looked up to when I was a young girl? While I found the situation that the animals at the stockyard were in heartbreaking, I also realized that to place the blame for this situation entirely on the people attending the auction was to overlook the larger systemic issues that fuel the demand for animal “products” in our world today.

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Undercover in Wolf Mordor

Her brother, who is 31 and studying to be a lawyer in Boise, Idaho, had warned me about the risks of going undercover when I broached the idea over the phone. As a representative for the nonprofit Western Watersheds Project, which has lobbied for wolf protections, he’d attended numerous public meetings about “wolf management” in communities like Salmon. “Salmon is the belly of the beast,” he told me. “There is not a more hostile place. It’s Mordor.”

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