LOS ANGELES – Facebook was down for about 30 minutes Friday morning and officials said the 911 calls flooded their lines.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office even tweeted about the incident, reminding the public the Facebook outage was not a public safety issue.

A Lamb vs “Lamb”

Such is the story with many of us who don’t eat animals. We see the Bears, we see the individuals behind the meat, and we want to talk about it. Though its a theme often reiterated by vegetarians and vegans, I share it with you anew, in hope that you’ll experience it, at least in part, as I did. 

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Beagles Unite

There was also a project that cost taxpayers more than $1.9 million at Ohio State University to test the safety of fish oil supplements after a heart attack. The ones having the heart attacks were dogs. (Beagles, by the way, are predominantly used because they’re small and they’re friendly. “The same thing that makes them great pets,” points out Kaplan, Hammy’s owner.)


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Of Mice and Men

JAX Mice has over 7000 different genetic strains of mouse available for purchase by animal experimenters around the world.  Many of the varieties have been bred specifically to exhibit particular pathologies or to develop various diseases.  The “features”—or more accurately, ailments—of each genetic strain can be found by using the extensive JAX Mice online database.

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Advertising for Animals

33 Powerful Animal Ad Campaigns That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth

On Compassion Fatigue

I believe I have developed a non-physical muscle that allows me to put a certain degree of desensitivity (apparently not a real word) between subject I’m studying and me. This muscle hasn’t always been as strong as it is today, but after exercising it consistently for years, it had no choice but to develop and strengthen. When you lift weights, you inflict tiny tears into your muscles that, when healed, are replaced by stronger, bulkier fibers that prepare you to lift more the next time (that was the most unscientific, amateur way of explaining that process, but you get the point). 

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Animal Abusers have a New Ally

Elaborated Humane Society Legislative Fund president Mike Markarian, “Lucas is perhaps the biggest pro-animal abuse money man in America.  With his personal net worth of $300 million and his company’s annual revenue of $150 million, Lucas in 2010 spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bankroll the opposition to Proposition B in Missouri, which voters approved to set standards for the care of dogs in puppy mills. Lucas then supported an effort in the Missouri legislature to weaken and repeal parts of the voter-approved measure, before it even had a chance to take effect. In 2012,  Lucas and Protect The Harvest spent more than a quarter million dollars opposing Measure 5 in North Dakota, which sought to establish felony-level penalties for malicious cruelty to dogs, cats, and horses. In 2013, Protect The Harvest lobbied against a local ordinance in Crawford County, Indiana to require proper shelter for dogs and cats, and another proposal in Harrison County to promote spaying and neutering pets.”

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